In the beginning

The founders and their vision

Cambridge Medical Robotics Limited (‘CMR’) was legally incorporated on 27th January 2014. The inspiration for the company came from the desire to meet the need of millions of people around the world who are denied access to minimal access surgery. That need drove the specification of more versatile and smaller form-factor robot system which could transform surgery, drawing on the talent pool and capabilities in the Cambridge area.

Understanding the clinical, commercial and technical challenges always required CMR to be a team-game; and the CMR founders (Luke Hares, Keith Marshall, Paul Roberts, Mark Slack and Martin Frost) all brought global experiences across the diverse disciplines of surgery, medical device development and commercialisation, financing and scaling start-ups.

Today, the founder’s vision remains the driving focus for the business: to build a British medical devices company around the core values of ambition, humility and integrity – delivering a world-class product to meet the needs of patients, surgeons and healthcare providers.

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Versius Surgical Robot

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